When the toys in the library come alive they love to play with you, especially the puppy dog.In the Magic Library today there are toys everywhere. What a mess! Maybe there was a child there before you who had left them behind. There are stuffed animals, dolls and action figures lying on
top of books, the lounge chairs and table. You clean yourself a space on a chair and pick up a big stuffed black and white puppy dog. You give it a hug because you love animals and you know this one is extra soft. You rub your cheek on it and it licks you on the face! You get such a surprise and
then the dog, who has come alive, bounds off and comes back with a book clenched between its jaws.
You give the puppy a pat on its oh so soft fur and look at the cover. There on the front is a picture of the Magic Library… in a mess with toys all over it. Even you are sitting in the picture with the toy dog and a book in your lap.You really want to find out what’s going on here.
(We recommend listening to The Magic Library meditation before beginning any of the other