It was great to see a piece on ABC radio about the rising popularity of Audiobooks, specifically in Australia. It’s about time that Audible/Amazon/ACX gets their own Australian platform so that Australian authors and voice artists have a forum to come together to create great Australian audiobooks!

“More and more people are listening to audiobooks, but who are they, what are they listening to, and where?

And who is behind the production and distribution of audiobooks?

Books and Arts devotes an entire program to this expanding way of consuming books, meeting Matthew Gain, the head of the Australian branch of audiobook company Audible, as well as the founder of Australian audio publishing company Bolinda, Rebecca Herrmann; the narrator of the first ‘Audio book of the year’ from the ABIA Awards, Stig Wemyss, and a representative of ‘traditional publishing’, Louise Sherwin-Stark from Hachette Publishers.”

Read more here and listen to the programme.