“It was if the veil of any illusion of differences between the species was pulled back and we were just there together”

Emma on her Distance Animal Reiki Treatment

To get you in the mood, Bronwen would like to you to click play and “sit back, relax and breathe in” as she takes you on an otherworldly experience of connection.

The system of Reiki originated in Japan and supports the body’s innate healing process on physical, mental and spiritual levels. We practice Reiki precepts to give us spiritual guidelines to think about, Reiki meditations for reconnecting to our inner power, hands-on healing for wellbeing, shirushi (symbols) and jumon (mantras) to balance us, and reiju and attunements as energetic blessings; supporting us in being healthy, happy and whole. You can either experience a Reiki treatment or study how to practice the system for yourself with a Reiki course. Bronwen offers a variety of Reiki treatments (see below) and if you’re interested in a Reiki course then simply enquire directly with Bronwen or check out the International House of Reiki website.

Reiki treatments in Leura, the Blue Mountains

A Reiki treatment with Bronwen Logan is one-hour long and is useful for healing or general relaxation. The client remains fully clothed at all times. Clients can book individual relaxation treatments or a set of three treatments if wishing to work on a specific issue or health problem.

Anyone can benefit from a Reiki treatment. During the treatment the client’s body draws the energy that it requires to begin to balance and become whole. Sex, age and condition are of no concern as the client’s own body controls the process. Throughout the treatment Bronwen relies upon the wisdom of the client’s body to know what it needs and wants ensuring a non-manipulative treatment without diagnosis.

Bronwen offers Reiki treatments in Leura, the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney at the Tomah Reiki Retreat and at Mandala in Leura.
$80 – 1 hour


Meditation and Relaxation Classes

Join Bronwen for drop-in meditation and relaxation classes to renew your vital energy and zest for life.

Reiki meditations and techniques are major elements of the system of Reiki.

There are three major techniques taught in the first level of the system that lie at its foundation. The first of these is a cleansing technique called Kenyoku Hô. Following that is Jôshin Kokyû Hô: a meditation to focus the mind using breath and; finally, Seishin Toitsu: a unifying the mind meditation. These are taught in traditional forms of the system of Reiki. The last is a meditation taught in the second level of the system called Hatsurei Hô. In modern times it is practiced simply as a combination of the three aforementioned techniques

Enquire with Bronwen for the latest times and dates for these classes.

Distance Healing Reiki Treatments

Distance Healing Reiki Treatments


Can’t make it into a treatment? Then Bronwen has the solution with a 30 minute distance healing Reiki treatment. Order your treatment first, then Bronwen will email you to arrange a special time for the two of you to connect energetically.


Distance Animal Reiki Treatments

Distance Animal Reiki Treatments


Requesting distance healing for your animal friend is easy. Bronwen is famous for her love of animals and her deep connections with them. She can arrange a special time to connect energetically with you and your animal friend while you both remain comfortably at home. Once you have ordered your half hour treatment, Bronwen will email you so that you can choose a suitable time together.


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