Go diving for the treasure chest, deep beneath the sea, where the great friendly sea creatures live.Today in the Magic Library you find a book called Undersea Treasure. The cover looks fascinating as it is made of mother of pearl, a beautiful white shell that has glints of every color of the rainbow in it. Etched into the mother of pearl you can make out a box buried in the sand.
Deep beneath the sea, where the great friendly Sea creatures live, is an ornate golden box of treasure. It was once left there by The Sea God’s daughter, Galene. She had put into that box the most important treasure in the world and it was waiting for the right person to find it.
That person is you!Make yourself comfortable, say the magic world and be transported into Undersea Treasure to go and find your treasure, it’s waiting for you.
(We recommend listening to The Magic Library meditation before beginning any of the other