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How Long You Should Meditate

You can build your meditation times up. When you begin it may be quite short. Perhaps even 5 minutes only. As you get used to sitting, you will find that your meditation time lengthens. Allow [...]

How Often You Should Meditate

Try to meditate everyday – even if it is for a few minutes only. This will help you to begin to put a routine in place, making it easier to meditate.

The Best Time of Day to Meditate

It will depend upon your lifestyle as to the best time of the day to meditate. As mentioned earlier – the quieter the better. When you feel that you have time for yourself – then [...]

Why You Should Create a Regular Routine

Creating a regular routine makes it easy to meditate. In this way you do not forget to practice, you have no excuse not to practice it is merely something that you do. It is a [...]

How Not to get Distracted by Noises

There will always be noises in your life. If you are in the city it is the police cars or traffic, if you are in the country it can be the birds. If you are [...]

The Most Comfortable Sitting Positions

There are a variety of ways to sit comfortably during meditation with or without support. You can sit on a high cushion on the floor with your legs crossed. This is a very basic form [...]

Creating a Meditation Space

To get the best out of your meditation it helps to have a special space to meditate in. A special place to meditate encourages you to create a regular routine You can create this space [...]